(Old PC)How to Install Windows 10 or Windows 11 From USB Flash Drive!(Easy Complete Tutorial 2024)

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Complete video tutorial:

Hello everyone, this is Huang the Tool Man.

Today, I'll demonstrate how to install the Windows operating system using a USB drive. This is an unofficial method. In the previous episode, we covered the official method. Why introduce an unofficial one?

Well, the official method may fail on older computers, like here, showing a message like "Windows can't be installed on drive 0 partition 1".

If you encounter such a situation, you can try our method today. While it's unofficial, it's more versatile. The software we use has a Chinese interface, but it's straightforward to use. Actually, there are other methods to address this issue, but they might involve erasing data from all partitions. Using this Chinese interface software allows you to erase only the contents of the C drive without affecting others.

However, I strongly recommend trying the Microsoft official installation method from my previous video first. Only resort to this method if you genuinely encounter the mentioned errors preventing installation.

My previous video:


Windows 10:


Windows 11:




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