(2024) Cracking Zip, RAR, Word, Excel, PowerPoint Files Passwords with 1 Click in Windows

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Complete tutorial:

If we forget the passwords for RAR, ZIP, 7z compressed files, or documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc., we can try this completely free cracking tool, Hashcat. It accelerates the cracking process using graphics cards, and the speed is generally several tens or even hundreds of times faster than using a CPU.

Here is a tutorial on how to use it:

I. Usage

The official cracking method mainly involves two software tools: John the Ripper and Hashcat. John the Ripper is used to extract the hash values from files, and then Hashcat is used to calculate and crack the hash values to obtain the password. However, obtaining hash values may also require the installation of Python and Perl. The usage is quite complex and may be challenging for the average person.

A user named BigYellow has simplified the process and written three Python scripts for one-click cracking. Here's how to operate:

1.Download the compressed package we prepared.

Download link:



The package is in ZIP format. If your computer does not have software that can unzip ZIP files, you can download the free 7z decompression software. This software can unzip ZIP, RAR, and 7z compressed files. Download link:


3.Install Software

You need to install Python, Perl, and Spyder separately. The software is already in the compressed package mentioned above. If your computer already has these software installed, you do not need to reinstall them.


Open the folder and place the files you want to recover the password for in the Files\HashCat folder (only one file at a time). Then go back to the john-1.9.0-jumbo-1-win64 folder and open attack1.py, attack2.py, and attack3.py in Spyder.

Run these three scripts and see which one fits. If none of them fits, it means your files cannot be cracked by these scripts. If there is a match, you can modify the dictionary and attack mode to crack it.

If successful, the password will be saved in cracked.txt in the Files folder.

II. Official Software Links:

1.John the Ripper official website:


Direct download link for Windows version:


2.Hashcat official website:


Direct download link for Windows version:


Both of the above packages are in 7z format and need to be extracted after downloading.

3.Python official download:


4.Perl official website:


5.Spyder official website:


6.7z official website:


III. Hash Type Table:


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